Body contouring by means of lipotransfer

Double benefit, endless possibilities: Fat transfer for targeted fat reduction and volume enhancement.

A fat transfer can be used for modelling various body parts, such as the breast (breast filling) or the buttocks (Brazilian butt lift). Lipotransfers are a proven method of filling missing volume without having to use foreign material.

At the same time, this method offers the possibility of reducing unwelcome fat deposits, for example on the abdomen or thighs.

In other words, excess volume is reduced in a targeted manner and used – in turn – to fill areas where volume is missing. This almost always results in a double benefit for the patient.

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Lipotransfer in short

Hospital stay: outpatient
Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia
Aftercare: compression (6 weeks)
Pain: low
Durability: permanent
Ready to socialise: between 1 and 3 days, depending on extent

For whom is lipofilling useful?

  • Patients with the desire for volume augmentation (e.g. breast/ buttocks region) without foreign material
  • Patients with age-related volume deficiency in the face
  • Patients who have already scheduled liposuction and want to combine it with a volume augmentation of another body part or facial area

General information about lipotransfer

Many people are dissatisfied with their body proportions and want, for example, a thinner tummy and a fuller buttocks, a fuller chest or fresh cheeks and a youthful appearance.
Lipotransfer with the body’s own fat offers the ideal solution.

Lipotransfer for the breast, buttocks and face is a dynamically growing trend in plastic-aesthetic body contouring. It is becoming increasingly popular with patients who do not want to use foreign material like implants. A lipotransfer can successfully transfer fat obtained after liposuction to the desired body region, providing a natural and permanent solution to body contouring.

From improving a butt’s shape (Brazilian Butt Lift) to creating an attractive hourglass figure to eliminating volume deficiencies in the breasts, lipotransfer can provide a beautiful and harmonious overall appearance without the need for implants or other foreign material.

The Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is the best-known example of fat transfer. If the buttocks are too small or flat, fat transfer can add volume to create a shapely appearance. Lipotransfer can also harmoniously accentuate the relationship between the hips and the iliac crest, known as the hourglass figure, and make it more prominent.

Lipotransfer is also a good option for people with a lack of volume in the face (for example, due to weight loss). Sunken cheeks, wrinkles or sagging skin can be discreetly corrected by using the body’s own fat. This method is very effective in improving and rejuvenating the appearance in the long term.

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Lipotransfer in Bern

  • Individual treatment concept
  • Natural appearing result as defined objective
  • Precise and patient-friendly execution due to many years of surgical experience

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