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Lipedema is a fat distribution disorder, where fat is deposited in individual areas of the body – such as legs, arms or the hips, leading to nodular thickening, which – with time – can become very painful and sensitive to pressure and can even lead to bruising and pronounced swelling. This disease affects women more often than men and carries a high level of physical and psychological suffering for those affected.

Liposuction is the golden standard in the treatment of lipedema.

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Lipedema treatment in short

Hospital stay: usually outpatient, if necessary inpatient for larger volumes

Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia

Aftercare: compression garment (6 weeks)

Pain: low

Durability: permanent

Ready to socialise: a few days to 1 week

For whom is lipedema treatment useful?

  • Patients who wish to have relief from their complaints
  • Patients after exhausted conservative therapy and remaining complaints
  • Patients with the desire for clinical, functional and aesthetic correction


General information

Lipedema is a pathological fat distribution disorder that usually develops slowly and increases in size and severity over time. The course of the disease is divided into three stages:

  1. During a stage 1 lipedema the skin surface is still smooth, but the first thickenings form in the lower layers of the skin often accompanied by cellulitis and tendency to saddlebag thighs is possible. The palpable thickening of fatty tissue that reacts painfully to pressure is a first sign of lipedema.
  2. In the second stage, lipedema causes visible dents in the skin surface. Nodules develop in the fatty tissue that can become as large as walnuts or apples; in addition, the disproportion of the lower and upper body is now usually clearly visible.
  3. In the third stage of lipedema, large flaps of fat have formed, which harden and honestly impair the gait pattern on the legs due to their girth.

The exact causes for the development of lipedema are not yet fully understood; it is suspected that several factors come together, including hormonal and genetic causes.
Typical lipedema symptoms are the thickening of fatty tissue in individual areas of the body, which develop atypically to the rest of the body. For example, lipedema may cause you to wear pants of the size XL, while your t-shirt size may be S or even XS. Many affected women do not even know that they suffer from lipedema and are surprised that the stubborn fat pads do not disappear even with a lot of exercise or that you lose weight in your upper body without any changes in the areas affected by the lieodema. The diagnosis is then often a relief.

Lipedemas cannot be combated by a change in diet or by exercise; not even in the case of first-stage lipedema. The symptoms can be alleviated – if the lipedema is not yet too pronounced – by means of physical decongestion therapy or regular lymphatic drainage; however, this only relieves the symptoms to some degree. This form of fat distribution disorder unfortunately cannot be cured.

Liposuction has been the “golden standard” for treating lipedema for years. In this procedure, the abnormal fatty tissue is suctioned out, restoring your body to its normal proportions and preventing secondary diseases such as lymphedema. Liposuction represents a long-term resolution of lipedemas as its results are permanent and longlasting.

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