Professional lip lift

The lips are one of the most distinctive features of the face, and many people long for full and sensual lips. Full lips often represent youth, because as we age, the skin around the mouth also loses elasticity and sags, leading to an increasing loss of the visible lip redness.

With a professional lip lift, the lip is lifted again and the overall appearance of the face is decisively rejuvenated. Our clearly defined goal is a natural result.

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Lip lift at a glance

Clinic stay: outpatient

Anaesthesia: local or general anaesthesia

Aftercare: cooling, suture material is removed after approx. 7 days

Pain: slight

Durability: permanent

Ready to socialise: after 1 week

For whom is a lip lift useful?

  • For patients who want permanently fuller lips
  • For patients who, due to their disposition or age, show hardly visible red lips

About Lip Lift

General information

A lip lift is a minor surgical procedure that can help you achieve full, curved lips. Our clearly defined goal is to achieve a natural result that fits your facial proportions and makes you smile happily again.

Basically, we distinguish between two lip lift procedures: The direct and the indirect lip lift or lip tightening.

Indirect lip lift

The indirect lip lift (bullhorn lift) involves the lifting of the lip by removing a strip of skin (in the shape of a bullhorn) from the lower edge of the nose.

By shortening the distance between the nose and the upper lip, called the philtrum, to the optimal length, a much more prominent upper lip is created. This procedure achieves a long-lasting result (several years) and is therefore an excellent alternative to lip injections with hyaluronic acid, which usually last from 6 to 12 months.

Direct lip lift

During the direct lip lift, a strip of skin is surgically removed at the transition from the red of the lip to the white of the lip, lifting the upper lip and giving it a fuller contour.

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Entrust us with your lips

  • Individual treatment concept
  • Natural results as a defined objective
  • Precise execution by means of microsurgical technique
  • Personal aftercare

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