Gentlemen Makeover

The Gentlemen Makeover combines a number of conservative and surgical procedures to aesthetically and functionally improve the physical changes of the male body that have occurred over the years. For example, characteristic facial wrinkles, sagging upper eyelids and unwanted fat deposits on the upper body can be corrected with injections of botulinumtoxin, an upper eyelid lift combined with 360° liposuction.

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Our Gentlemen Makeover in short

Clinic stay: outpatient

Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia

Aftercare: compression (6 weeks)

Pain: minimal

Durability: permanent

Ready to socialise: 2-3 days with sunglasses, 1 week without sunglasses

For whom is a gentleman makeover useful?

  • Patients with droopy eyelids
  • Patients with undesirable pronounced mimic wrinkles
  • Patients with the desire for a functional and aesthetic body fat reduction

General information about the Gentleman Makeover

The Gentleman Makeover is a customised combination procedure of non-invasive and surgical procedures aimed at improving the typical unwanted age-related changes of a seasoned man.
Which procedures are used depends totally on which areas of the body the patient wants to improve.

A gentleman makeover can include the following procedures:

  • A Botulinumtoxin treatment can be used to achieve a targeted reduction in facial expression lines and the first signs of ageing.
  • An eyelid lift can provide a more awakened appearance thanks to the correction of drooping eyelids or the reduction of wrinkles.
  • A 360-degree liposuction consists of a liposuction of the upper body including the flanks and the back, whereby stubborn fat deposits can be removed in the long term.
  • By means of a tummy tuck , the problem area of the “belly” acquires a more muscular appearance due to the removal of loose skin and fat from the abdominal region.

As with other combination procedures, the Gentleman Makeover is simply a combination of proven techniques.

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