Precise eyelid lift by microsurgical technique

Open your eyes and look into yourselves

Since ancient times, the eyes have rightly been called the window to the soul.
As we age, the quality and elasticity of our skin decreases, resulting in eyelid drooping, which can make someone look tired and exhausted, and in more advanced cases, can lead to a reduction in the field of vision.

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Eyelid lift at a glance

Hospital Stay: outpatient

Anaesthesia: local or general anaesthesia

Aftercare: cooling

Pain: minor

Durability: permanent

Ready to socialise: 2 to 3 days with sunglasses, 1 week without sunglasses

For whom is an eyelid lift useful?

  • Patients with sagging eyelids
  • Patients with sagging eyelids and fat prolapse
  • Patients with drooping eyelids that have led to a limitation of the field of vision
General information about eyelid lifting

Eyelid lift or blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure used, for example, to correct drooping eyelids or reduce wrinkles and provide a more open and alert appearance of the eyes. It can also correct asymmetries or – in some cases – the incomplete opening of the upper eyelids.

Drooping of the eyelids (ptosis) is a common occurrence in old age, which can be caused by certain external factors – such as excessive sun exposure – or by genetic predisposition. In most cases it is only an aesthetic problem, but in some cases the sagging is so severe that it can affect vision. In the latter case, there is a medical indication for eyelid correction.
Upper eyelid lifts are the most common, but lower eyelid lifts are also gaining in popularity.

An eyelid lift is performed on an outpatient basis under either local or general anaesthesia and is not very stressful for the patient. The entire procedure usually takes about an hour and gives your eyes a youthful and refreshed appearance.
During the eyelid lift of the upper eyelid, an excess strip of skin defined before the procedure is removed, which sometimes already brings the desired rejuvenating effect. In cases of eyes with pronounced fat deposits, it may be necessary to remove some fat and muscle tissue as well. This is done with great care and with gentle, microsurgical technique. The scar is skillfully placed into the eyelid fold so that it is usually not visible after completion of the surgery.

After the procedure is completed, the patient can go home the same day and is expected to be socially ready within seven days.

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"After an easy to understand and very personal consultation with Dr. Papageorgiou, the date for my eyelid lift was quickly found. I was received in a very friendly and caring manner, so that my excitement immediately subsided and I felt well taken care of. The operation went perfectly and the result makes me happy. The aftercare until the removal of the stitches was also very personal with follow-up questions about the healing process and recommendations for care. I am highly satisfied and can recommend Dr Papageorgiou without reservation!"

Jens Fetting

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