Ear Correction
We can correct protruding ears

Protruding ears are often a congenital abnormality which lead lead to severe psychological stress.

By means of an otoplasty, the distance between the auricle and the skull is specifically reduced and the previously visible deviation from the norm is corrected.

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Ear correction in short

Hospital stay: outpatient

Anaesthesia: local or general anaesthesia

Aftercare: compression (6 weeks)

Pain: low to medium

Durability: permanent

Ready to socialise: after 2 days with headband, after 2 weeks completely

Who should have otoplasty?

  • Patients with protruding ears due to an insufficiently developed fold of the ear (antihelical fold hypoplasia)
  • Patients with protruding ears due to an excessively large auricle (concha hyperplasia)
  • Patient with both of the above characteristics

Ear Correction

General information

Ear flap surgery is a very common plastic surgery operation. Depending on the cause, the auricle is reduced in size and/or the folds of the ear are rebuilt. The surgical procedure is usually short and effective.

Increasingly popular – but often not always applicable – are newer minimally invasive techniques such as the suture method, the gentlest type of cartilage reshaping with minimal or invisible scarring. Which procedure is recommended can only be determined after a personal consultation.

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis in our practice either under local or general anaesthesia and takes about one hour. It is a painless and usually complication-free procedure, which is very often performed, especially on children. Likewise, the aftercare is usually only a minor burden for the patient due to the rapid return to social activity.

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