Breast Reduction

Lipo breast reduction is an innovative procedure that is a sensible alternative to traditional breast reduction methods.

During a lipo breast reduction, the excess breast volume is first reduced by liposuction and then the breast skin is tightened.

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Lipo breast reduction at a glance

Hospital stay: 1 day in-patient

Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia

Aftercare: special support bra (6 weeks)

Pain: medium

Durability: permanent

Ability to socialise: 2 weeks

For whom is lipo breast reduction useful?

  • Patients with gigantomastia
  • Patients with postural problems due to too large breasts
  • Patients with sagging large breasts
  • Patients with asymmetrically sagging large breasts

General information about lipo breast reduction

Breast reduction is a procedure to return breasts that are too large or too low to their original shape and height. In this procedure, liposuction is used to remove the excess fatty tissue and, in a second step, the skin of the breast is tightened. With this technique – unlike the usual breast reduction methods – the mammary gland is left intact, which has several advantages:

  • Precise volume reduction
  • Precise shaping
  • Safe blood circulation
  • Less blood loss
  • Preservation of nipple sensitivity and blood flow
  • Shorter operation time
  • Less postoperative pain

Of course, this procedure can be combined with liposuction on other areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks, legs, etc.

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"Dr Papageorgiou, you are an outstanding scientist in your field. I trusted you from the first moment and was sure that I would get the result I wanted and even better. I thank you and congratulate you."

Maria Koufou

Lipo breast reduction in Bern

  • Individual consultation & treatment
  • Detailed pre-operative risk-benefit assessment
  • Innovative technique based on proven surgical methods
  • Numerous operations performed by an experienced surgeon
  • Personal aftercare

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