Aesthetic and functional breast lift in Bern

Awaken radiant femininity: breast lift to restore natural contour and blossom with confidence and fulfillment.

The female breast plays an important role in defining femininity and sexuality. Saggy breasts often are an unpleasant burden for many women.
Saggy breasts naturally occur after pregnancy, breastfeeding, a heavy weight loss or the ageing process of the skin. Even sports and specific exercises do not help when weak connective tissue is responsible for the sagging.
A breast lift can restore the natural contour of the breasts. Well-being and satisfaction with one’s own body improve considerably.

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Breast lift in short

Hospital stay: 1 day inpatient
Anaesthesia: general anaesthesia
Aftercare: special support bra (6 weeks)
Pain: medium
Durability: permanent
Ready to socialise: 2 weeks

For whom is a breast lift useful?

  • Patients with large and sagging breasts
  • Patients with sagging, small breasts
  • Patients with asymmetrically sagging breasts
  • Patients with sagging breasts and functional movement restriction

Breast lifting

General information

Depending on the extent of the findings, we use one of several methods to restore the breast to its desired shape and contour:

For mild breast sagging (also called ptosis), the periareolar lift (or “donut breast lift”) is a good option because it requires only a small incision around the nipple. This method is suitable if the excess skin of the breast is not very large.

More pronounced sagging and stretching of the skin may require a T-incision of the breast, with incisions around the nipple and then continuing vertically down into the breast crease and laterally. This creates a scar in the shape of an inverted “T” (hence the name). This technique removes some of the excess skin below the nipple and raises the nipple, resulting in an even, overall more aesthetically pleasing appearance. T-incision is suitable for breast lifts and breast reductions with medium to large excess skin.

Especially with very large breasts, it may be necessary to reduce the breast volume in addition to tightening the skin. Excess breast tissue can be removed to give the breasts a more natural and youthful appearance. This can be achieved thanks to an innovative technique, called lipo breast reduction.

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Breast lift in Bern

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