Dr. Papageorgiou: Hi Fabrizio or Fabo as we use to call you.

Fabrizio: Hi Vassili or Billy how we used to call you.

Dr. Papageorgiou: Back in Maine, New England… I almost forgot that you all called me Billy. But yes it is short for Wassili in the English.

Fabrizio: Great seeing you after so many years.

Dr. Papageorgiou: Yes indeed. It is so great that you are in Europe and that we meet after all this years. So for the readers. You are a stone sculpture, quit successful, but also very quit guy. Right now you are working on a project here in Athens.

Fabrizio: Yes, some crazy rich guys bought a antik house, it is incredible, with high roofs and a garden and an almost antik outside pool, downtown. So they hired me to do some stone sculptures in the garden and at the entrance.

Dr. Papageorgiou: What are your ideas ?

Fabrizio: Before I decide what a Sculpture I will create…. what I always do first is getting the vibe of the country and then the area of the city I work. It is always different and that’s the beauty of it. What I mean is that you always have to understand the person you are dealing with and the surrounding.

Dr. Papageorgiou: I couldn’t agree more. It is the same with my job. You have to understand where a person is coming from, his needs and his very unique surroundings. Each patient, for example an upper eyelid surgery or a facelift or a liposuction, on each one you have to understand what the real need is.

Fabrizio: Yes, so for me I have to understand the need of costumers and the needs of the surrounding. Athens is very crazy but also at the same time very cool. That’s the vibe I get from my very first moment. Don’t forget I lived for over 15 years in Columbia. Believe me the craziest country around. And what I noticed in Athens is that people have made peace with the craziness around them. The cab driver will stay cool when someone almost hit him. It is like the people have reached another level of staying cool.

Dr. Papageorgiou: I believe after too much stress most people either go crazy or get really cool. But let’s talk about your work. How is it to be a stone sculpture ?

Fabrizio: I can’t complain. To be honest I love it. Maybe it is in the DNA. My grandfather was from south Italy, a village outside Bari and my grandmother from Egypt, with Greek roots. People there have sculptures everywhere. So let us say I grew into it. As most life stories it didn’t start from the beginning. After being a law student for quite some years and after all I got my degree and also with an excellent grade I started too work for a big law firm. As soon as I understood that this great law firm was working for the for the People they worked for o quite. And that has nothing to do with Columbia. It is the same in London, or Bruxelles….

Dr. Papageorgiou: And the what?

Fabrizio: This that what. I do what I want, I take the jobs I want. I refuse the jobs that I don’t want.. with other words I try to be free.