Dr. Papageorgiou: Hi Fenia, as you can see, the fireplace is burning, great you brought red wine, oh a 2016, thank you. So let’s sit by the fire and do our interview. 

Fenia: Sure, but I have to eat something first.

Dr. Papageorgiou: You know where the kitchen is, “mi casa su casa”. I’ll have some time to write my surgery reports. 

Fenja: What have you had? 

Dr. Papageorgiou: The week was busy: Total Body Lift, some Liposuctions, a Tummy Tuck, 2 x Breastaugmentation and 2 x Eyelid Lifts.

After about 10 minutes… 

Fenia : Very tasty, thank you. Have you finished?

Dr. Papageorgiou: Never mind, I’ll do it later. I’m happy when I’ve cooked and it tastes good. So you’re a big yoga teacher here in Athens. Mainly giving private lessons all around town. You love what you do and that it great to see. Tell our readers how it came about. How did this all start ?

Fenia: I had my first experiences and lessons in yoga early on, when I was still a teenager. And it just was so good for me, for my body and for me as a person and my psychology that I naturally continued with it for so many years. I became so good in it that I slowly started teaching. And now many years later I teach full time.

Dr. Papageorgiou: What fascinates you so much about teaching yoga?

Fenia: It helped me so much and on so many different levels so that I finally specialized in it. This happened so naturally I mean I had never the goal to become a yoga teacher. But now it is very easy for me to adapt my knowledge individually. You mustn’t forget that self-healing is a characteristic of a living organism. Every organism constantly heals itself. And it is precisely this self-healing that can be activated through individually designed lessons. Incidentally, this also applies to the human psyche.

Dr. Papageorgiou: You’ve touched on something very important and I couldn’t agree with you more. In medical school, we were also taught that antibiotics as a treatment of an bacterial infection, for example, do not kill all bacteria, as is often assumed. The dose of antibiotics required to achieve this, I mean to kill all bacteria, would be so high that it would be highly toxic to the human body. Taking an antibiotic just slows down the multiplication of the bacteria and gives the body time and strength to defend itself. So basically, the antibiotic supports the self-healing process you mentioned.

Fenia: Exactly. That’s what I mean.

Dr. Papageorgiou: What is your age group?

Fenia: From 5-85, so basically everyone.

Dr. Papageorgiou: That is great. Sorry but I must ask. So you teach yoga to a 85 year old ? At what age did your student start ?

Fenia: He started with 83.

Dr. Papageorgiou: No way. That’s amazing. 83 years old and still open for new stuff. I am 40something and to be honest not ready to start yoga. I have to think about that later. So let’s go on. We surgeons work very practically, so the surgery is manual and the result is more or less immediately visible. How is that with you, with your kind of work ?

Fenia: I also work physically, but it’s a different process for us. Alluding to your profession, I would put it like this: I promote inner aesthetics and you promote outer aesthetics. I am like a plastic surgeon for the soul.

Dr. Papageorgiou: I like that ! And yes, one is dependent on the other, so inner human harmony is positive on the outside and outer harmony is also positive on the inside.

Fenia: Yes inside out or vice versa. Both have their justification.

Dr. Papageorgiou: Well, for me, philosophical inner harmony is the basis of all aesthetics. And I think that you achieve a lot here.

Fenia: I’m happy to agree with you in general terms.

Dr. Papageorgiou: What’s going on with yoga? You hear it everywhere.

Fenia: Yes, that’s true. It is generally a PR Decade. Everything is PR. But it doesn’t have to be always negative. Despite the huge trend and the fact that it’s hip, yoga is just incredibly good for the psyche and the physical condition of the practitioner. You consciously take time for yourself, something we often forget, you switch off, enter a different reality and combine all this with physical activity. In other words: Only good can come out of this!

Dr. Papageorgiou: The same applies to plastic surgery, of course! I Excellent final sentence. I thank you so very much.

Fenia: It was fun, thank you.