Dr. Papageorgiou: Greetings Themi, we have just operated on a lipotransfer for facial rejuvenation and a mini facelift together. We have another liposuction coming up, but it’s delayed because we have to wait for the anesthesiologist. So I thought, let’s have a quick chat so that you can be with your family in the evening.

Dr. Nisyrios: Yes, this is a good opportunity. 

Dr. Papageorgiou: Let me introduce you briefly. You are a specialist in oral and maxillofacial surgery, i.e. double-approved, and after working in Freiburg for several years you are now based in Rhodes. Your new clinic is excellently equipped. You also offer aesthetic procedures and treatments here and sometimes, like today, we work together. I love these interdisciplinary collaborations.

Dr. Nisyrios: Yes, to be honest, I also really enjoy working with you. It’s always enriching to be able to operate with colleagues as equals, you quickly notice similarities and differences in treatment and it’s precisely this new way of looking at things and different techniques that are incredibly exciting for both sides. As the old saying goes: two heads think better than one. 

Dr. Papageorgiou: You are the only oral and maxillofacial surgeon in the entire Dodecanese. Why is that?

Dr. Nisyrios: Most maxillofacial surgeron  probably suffer from sun allergies and therefore can’t cope with this paradisiacal climate. Joking aside. I don’t know! There is enough work and, as I said, the environment is paradisiacal.

Dr. Papageorgiou: Sure. Themi, you do an incredible amount of facial reconstructive surgery, what do you like about aesthetic surgery?

Dr. Nisyrios: I like the combination. Do you remember that patient with the zygomatic arch fracture? You knew him too, so after treating the fracture, we were also able to perform the liposuction he wanted on his upper body. That was brilliant. The patient was totally thrilled. So the emergency was combined with an elective procedure. 2 birds with one stone!

Dr. Papageorgiou: That was brilliant, of course. It only worked because we all knew each other. I completely agree with you, purely elective procedures are constantly being combined in plastic surgery, so why not combine an emergency procedure with an elective procedure? 

Dr. Nisyrios: I’m curious to see how this will develop. As long as the care of the emergency does not suffer, I see no reason not to.

Dr. Papageorgiou: Finally, something personal. You moved to Rhodes from Germany and settled here. Do you ever have doubts about your decision? In German-speaking countries, your future is secure with your specialization. Greece is also Greece. I recently had an interesting conversation with an old friend to whom I tried to explain that the beauty of Greece is also due to the unpredictability of the country. Not the beauty of the landscape, but the emotions that can be born here. This chaotic, uncontrolled and uncontrolled everyday life can create the most beautiful moments and at the same time the most beautiful disasters.

Dr. Nisyrios: Yes, I agree with you. There is no such thing as a well-organized party, it’s always too organized. On the other hand, a barely organized party is no guarantee of success. A lot can go wrong, so the joy is all the greater when it works. It’s a bit against all odds. 

Dr. Papageorgiou: Harald Schmidt was last asked what is important to him in life.

Dr. Nisyrios: And?

Dr. Papageorgiou: He said: Yes, it important to me… So family is very important to me. And that’s why I have several…

Both laugh

Dr. Nisyrios: That’s a good one. Harald Schmidt one of a kind… So I’m busy with my one family, my wife and our five children. 

Dr. Papageorgiou: That I believe you! I was very pleased.

Dr. Nisyrios: The anaestesiologist has arrived. Let’s get back to work. 

Dr. Papageorgiou: Have a coffee, now let him wait…..