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We take care of everything and want you to feel comfortable.

Dr. Vassilios Papageorgiou plastic surgery stands for your individual beauty and positive change for more self-confidence.

Trained and studied in Germany, Dr. Papageorgiou offers his patients a wide range of services in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery and convinces with a lot of experience and expertise in his field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. With the aim of achieving the best possible results for patients through discreet treatments that are as minimally invasive as possible. Individually and with short recovery times, so that you can quickly get used to your new body feeling – and above all enjoy it in the long term.

Dr. Vassilios Papageorgiou, your specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery

In 2004, Dr Papageorgiou graduated in human medicine and received his doctorate in medicine with Magna cum Laude from the University of Cologne in 2006.

After two years of training in general and trauma surgery at the Klinikum Bremen Ost, a centre for minimally invasive surgery, Dr Papageorgiou finally specialised in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

During his training, Dr Papageorgiou worked with a number of renowned specialists in the field of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Germany and Switzerland and trained at five different departments for hand, aesthetic and reconstructive and reconstructive surgery.

During his training, Dr Papageorgiou had the honour of learning from and working with the following doctors:

Dr. med. N. Pfannmüller (St. Franziskus Hospital Lohne), specialist in reconstructive and hand surgery

Dr. med. M. Richter (Malteser Hospital Bonn), President of the German Society for Hand Surgery

Prof. Dr. med. J. Bahm (St. Franziskus Hospital Aachen), the leading surgeon for brachial plexus reconstruction in Europe

Dr. med. H. Aschoff (Sana Klinikum Lübeck), the inventor of the osseointegration technique in Germany

Prof. Dr. med. N. Sinis (St. Marien Hospital Berlin), a leading aesthetic and reconstructive surgeon as well as official microsurgery partner of Charité

Our practice atHirschengraben in Bern

Our modern practice at Hirschengraben 10 in Bern is located in a beautiful period building. In addition to our practice, the building houses other doctors and practices under one roof. The practice is close to the centre, near the University of Bern, and is easily accessible by public transport (tram lines 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 and bus line 15, Hirschengraben stop). There are also numerous parking spaces available in the immediate vicinity.

Enjoy the inviting ambience of our premises. We want you to feel completely at ease and in good hands with us

Our credo: What guides us

The safest path to maximum benefit

With our experience and expertise in the field of plastic and aesthetic cosmetic surgery we can confidently offer you even the most complicated procedures and treatments. At Dr Vassilios Papageorgiou Plastic Surgery Clinic, we believe in promoting individual beauty and positive change for self-empowerment. We offer precise surgical and non-surgical procedures, using all our expertise and experience to achieve high-quality results with minimal recovery time.

"Unleash your self-confidence: reveal your beauty and be empowered"

Refreshing honesty

Honesty and transparency are a valuable asset for us and are essential in doctor-patientbcommunication. Transparent communication during all stages of treatment keeps you informed at all times about the chances of success, the procedures required and the results to be expected.

What sets Dr Papageorgiou apart from other colleagues is his refreshing honesty and dedication to his patients’ concerns. He will not promise you the world, because even plastic aesthetic surgery has its limits. You will get a realistic assessment of the final result from him. Each patient will receive individual and personal care from him, because the bestresults come from a trusting relationship.

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Every person has a unique story behind their need to change. Likewise, every person is blessed with a unique beauty that he or she wants to enhance or reveal. We are very happy to help you take this important step and walk this journey with you. We plan the details of the procedure based on your expectations and needs and answer all your questions thoroughly and conscientiously. At every step of the decision-making process, you will have the peace of mind that you have chosen the right path.

“Beauty is not a design product, it is discovered in the individuality and uniqueness of the human being”

Natural results

Beauty is not planned and executed on the top of a blank camvas rather than being discovered and brought out at the surface as it is embeded into the substance of each one’s individuality, each one’s uniqueness.

Because we stand for uniqueness and individuality, our top priority is to achieve discreet, subtle changes – always in close consultation with the patient – for a natural and aesthetically pleasing result. We rely on our experience and expertise to achieve natural results for a completely refreshed and younger appearance that does not betray the patient’s background story. All the while, your defining features remain completely untouched.

Our practice in Rhodes, Greece

Our practice in central Rhodes has been in existence since September 2015, offering modern facilities and excellent medical care in a charming, neoclassical building.

We are also available for you in Rhodes should you require non-surgical treatment on the sun island of Greece or during your holiday.

You can find us here:

44, Ionos Dragoumi Str851 00 Rhodes (town)T +30 698 673 7277

"Dr. Papageorgiou is unlike any other doctor I've ever met. He's friendly, approachable, and took the time to answer all my questions and put my mind at ease. Not only did he perform a successful belly liposuction procedure, but he went above and beyond to provide me with personalized care and attention during my recovery. I can't recommend him enough to anyone considering plastic surgery."

Linda Ebell